I am pleased and honoured to coordinate this project, which aims to save a species from extinction. This almost invisible grasshopper represents a whole ecosystem that we want to know more about and protect through the LIFE project with the help of all partners.

This LIFE Crau Grasshopper project is obviously an opportunity to raise awareness among the general public about the protection of this endemic insect to the Crau, but it is also a way of alerting people to the massive decline in biodiversity and the destruction of natural habitats on a global scale.

Through the LIFE Crau Grasshopper project, the public will be made aware of the issues of this exceptional area: the Coussouls of the Crau.

I find the Crau Plain Grasshopper both attractive and fascinating. I am convinced that it will appeal equally to the public, who are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect endangered species.

The LIFE project involves, among other things, working on the links between the grazing activity and the ecology of the Crau Plain Grasshopper and its habitat… Counting the sheep of the Coussouls de Crau without falling asleep… A whole programme!

Communicating on the LIFE SOS Crau Grasshopper is to contribute to its preservation and to raise awareness on close links and interactions that exist in the living world.

From sheep breeding to grasshopper breeding… We’re changing scale but it’s still on the same theme!

I am very happy to be involved in such a project bringing together zoos and environmental activists to save a species and its ecosystem.

I am happy to be involved with a multidisciplinary team whose common goal is to protect a unique ecosystem!

A great specialist in camouflage, the Crau Plain Grasshopper and the LIFE project offer a new opportunity to talk about this biodiversity that is very close to us, but which we do not see or no longer see.

So motivated to work on the conservation of the Crau steppe, a natural jewel where I discovered so many original bird species in the 1990s!

Involved in conservation projects personally and professionally. Passionate about terrariums and aquariums.

The LIFE project is a great opportunity to raise public awareness about the protection of our local biodiversity and to bring to light species that receive little media attention.

This project is a unique opportunity to take action to save a species endemic of our region, but also to allow the public to discover and be amazed by the biodiversity that surrounds us!

Through this LIFE project, I am happy to be able to participate in the conservation of a species endemic to our region. Through the conservation of this grasshopper, we are supporting the biodiversity of the Crau coussoul, a unique ecosystem.

The Crau Plain Grasshopper is an essential species for the biodiversity of the region. Having already worked on this grasshopper during my studies, I am happy to be able to participate in LIFE and to follow the evolution of this species.