Crau Plain Grasshopper

An umbrella species

The Crau Plain Grasshopper is a so-called “umbrella” species. It is a good indicator of the changes in an ecosystem.

The preservation of this very rare and threatened insect means conserving its natural habitat, the Crau “coussoul” (dry grasslands), and all the species associated with this type of habitat, which continues to decline every year.

The LIFE SOS Crau Grasshopper, which will last four years (2021-2025), aims to preserve the Crau Grasshopper, an endemic species of the Crau plain.


Communicating and raising awareness

Conference at the Besançon zoo

Published: Août 01 2022

On 13, 14 & 15 August, the Citadelle of Besançon is organising a great weekend for the conservation of fauna and flora. On the programme: a conference on the Crau Plain Grasshopper.

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Communicating and raising awareness

Weekend at the La Barben zoological garden

Published: Juillet 18 2022

On 23 & 24 July, the La Barben zoological garden is organising ...

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Breeding and reintroduction

Searching for the invisible

Published: Juillet 06 2022

Eyes fixed on the ground, three people seem to be wandering at random in the Coussoul under a blazing sun. What are they looking for…?

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Breeding and reintroduction

Back to the natural environment

Published: Juin 24 2022

An important phase in the breeding of Crau Plain Grasshopper has begun: the transfer of eggpods into the Crau soil “in situ”.

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Tools to discover the Crau Plain Grasshopper

With the help of these tools, you can discover this small insect of the Crau plain.

It will certainly surprise you!

I'm not that small! I am between 3.5 and 4.5 cm tall, after all!