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Far from the flagship species such as the dolphin, the Great Panda or the White Bear, the disappearance of biodiversity is happening very close to home. An endemic species of the Crau coussoul, our grasshopper is the perfect ambassador to instil in future generations the desire to preserve our natural spaces. Perfectly mimetic, with the appearance of an armoured tank, almost ungainly and a little clumsy, its look and its unusual living environment arouse curiosity! The Écomusée de la Crau and the Barben zoo have joined forces to introduce the Crau Plain Grasshopper and its fragile ecosystem to schoolchildren in the area.


Adapted to cycle 3 (from CM1 to 6ème), our educational proposal is based on two thematic days:

  • The first day at the Barben zoo will be devoted to an educational activity to discover the fascinating ecosystem of the steppe through its emblematic environment: the African Savannah. The rest of the day will be devoted to a free visit of the zoo, during which the pupils will be able to take part in a treasure hunt to discover the Crau Plain Grasshopper.


Écomusée de la Crau © Audrey Hoppenot – CEN PACA
  • The second day takes place at the Ecomuseum and in the field to discover our local steppe: the Crau! A visit to the Nature Reserve, punctuated by workshops to discover the typical fauna and flora of the coussoul, will be followed by a guided tour of the Ecomuseum, to understand the history of the Crau steppe and the close link between pastoralism and cushion lands.

These two days will enable pupils to discover a fragile and little-known local heritage, and to understand the complex relationships between the inhabitants of an ecosystem and human activities.

The little extra? This educational proposal is completely free! Only the bus transport must be paid for by the school.

Are you interested in this project? Would you like to have more information on how to register to participate from 2023? Delphine Lenôtre, a guard-animator on the Réserve des coussouls de Crau is here to answer all your questions!

Contact :  Écomusée de la Crau 04 90 47 02 01, delphine.lenotre@cen-paca.org

Crau coussouls © Lisbeth ZECHNER – CEN PACA



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