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  • In collaboration with the project beneficiaries, La Barben and Besançon as well as Dr Gibault, coordinator of the breeding programme, juveniles (stage 2 – 4) were collected to be transported to the three ex-situ breeding stations.
© Lisbeth Zechner – CEN PACA

The capture of young grasshoppers from the 2021 eggpods took place at the beginning of May, in our breeding aviary in Crau. As the number of individuals was still too low, juveniles were also taken from the wild population.

We would like to remind you that any insect collection is strictly forbidden without prior authorisation (Order of 23 April 2007). Within the framework of the Life SOS Crau grasshopper programme, we have all the necessary authorisations for capture, transport, breeding, etc.

  • The animals were then transported to the ex-situ breeding stations. There they will reach the adult stage at the beginning of June, and will be able to lay eggs protected and safe from dangers such as predation.

    The first eggpods will then return to the Crau in June and July, where we will bury them in the ground of the aviaries which have been installed.

This important breeding action forms the basis of the reintroduction programme.


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