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Managing threats

Within the framework of the LIFE project, several studies are being carried out to reduce the threats to the Crau Plain Grasshopper. Amongst these, one action concerns the study of gregarious insectivorous birds, and in particular species linked to sheep flocks, e.g. corvids, the cattle egret, species which are potential predators of the Crau Plain Grasshopper.

Indeed, we would like to know more about the distribution and abundance of these birds in the coussouls, in order to characterise the risk of predation in each grazing area concerned. This data will be one of the parameters that will influence the choice of sites for the reintroduction of the Crau Plain Grasshopper.

Volunteers needed

In this context, we are looking for around fifty volunteers for a morning of bird counting in the Crau on 8 May 2022. Some participants will carry out fixed observation points while others will follow a sheep flock on its journey through a grazing area in the Coussouls de Crau National Nature Reserve.

To participate, we invite you to fill in this form (duration: 4 minutes). We will then come back to you in mid-April to give you all the details of the organisation.

We thank you in advance for your involvement in the preservation of the Crau Plain Grasshopper and the knowledge of the birds of the Crau plain!

Date of the bird count: Sunday 8 May 2022
Online registration until 15 April 2022


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