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The results in the field are impressive. The collaboration and communication between dog handler and dog is obvious: after a few days of training, Hera is able to find a Crau Plain Grasshopper and has already contributed to new and interesting discoveries in the first week.

After four weeks in the Crau, the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur commissioned Rita and Hera to search for populations of the French Stone Grasshopper on sites in the Sainte-Victoire National Nature Reserve, where it had not been found for several years.

© Lisbeth Zechner - CEN PACA


Communicating and raising awareness

Grasshopper more real than nature !?

Published: Mai 11 2023

Finally you can observe them – for real! Or almost…

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Communicating and raising awareness

Spring 2023: event season!

Published: Mai 05 2023

This spring, our team has prepared a whole programme to discover the Crau Plain Grasshopper

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Breeding and reintroduction

First hatchings 2023

Published: Avril 24 2023

The first hatchings of Crau Plain Grasshopper in 2023 took place at the beginning of April and observations of the first juveniles are multiplying by the day!

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Communicating and raising awareness

Didactic and artistic objects for the Crau Plain Grasshopper

Published: Avril 14 2023

She cuts, assembles, glues, paints and articulates pieces of paper. She sculpts organic figures, plants, animals, then animates them. Her works transpire a naturalist sensitivity at the “edge of the brush”.

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