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The discussion focused on the Crau plain, its grazing activity and its biodiversity. This was followed by a presentation of the Crau Plain Grasshopper and the LIFE project, and a time for reflection in small groups on future collaboration with the shepherds. Pastoral practices in the coussoul, the involvement of shepherds in the observation of birds linked to their sheepflocks, as well as their role in the elaboration of educational activities were discussed in detail.

A moment rich in mutual learning! Thank you to Frédéric Laurent, who was in charge of the training, for this initiative!


Communicating and raising awareness

Grasshopper more real than nature !?

Published: Mai 11 2023

Finally you can observe them – for real! Or almost…

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Communicating and raising awareness

Spring 2023: event season!

Published: Mai 05 2023

This spring, our team has prepared a whole programme to discover the Crau Plain Grasshopper

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Breeding and reintroduction

First hatchings 2023

Published: Avril 24 2023

The first hatchings of Crau Plain Grasshopper in 2023 took place at the beginning of April and observations of the first juveniles are multiplying by the day!

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Communicating and raising awareness

Didactic and artistic objects for the Crau Plain Grasshopper

Published: Avril 14 2023

She cuts, assembles, glues, paints and articulates pieces of paper. She sculpts organic figures, plants, animals, then animates them. Her works transpire a naturalist sensitivity at the “edge of the brush”.

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