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The aim is to identify the risk of predation on the sites where the grasshopper is present and the potential sites for its reintroduction. Depending on the results, the relocation of some of the Lesser Kestrel nesting boxes could be considered, ensuring that there is no negative effect on this protected bird population.

Faucon crécerellette fraîchement bagué entre les mains d’un ornithologue confirmé © Jean-Christophe Bartolucci

In April and May 2022, 15 falcons were fitted with GPS transmitters to track their movements in the Crau. These transmitters, weighing around 5 grams, were placed on breeding adults at night, without affecting their chances of reproducing success. After a few difficulties (the loss of several tags), a new installation technique was developed by the LPO France, the service provider for this action.

Thus, 8 males and 7 females from 5 sites were successfully equipped.

Since then, these individuals have been monitored once a week at their nesting site, by reading their rings with binoculars. Antennas are used to download the geolocation data stored on the tags.


Breeding and reintroduction
Deux oothèques ressemblant à deux tas de terre

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Breeding and reintroduction

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Breeding and reintroduction

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